Sunseap Group is partnering China’s Jiangsu Linyang Energy to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency management solutions.

The two companies signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding on 8th December to explore collaborations on solar photovoltaic projects both as potential supplier of solar panels as well as potential co-investor. They also propose to work jointly on projects to enhance energy efficiency and virtual power stations, and to adopt leading solar panel technology through the supply of Jiangsu Linyang’s N type bifacial solar panels which are highly efficient and easy to install.

Jiangsu Linyang Energy, founded in 1995, is a listed company that is a well-known supplier of smart electronic energy meters and electricity management information systems in China. It has more than 100 subsidiaries and offers a range of smart, energy-saving and green products and solutions. They include smart meters, advanced metering infrastructure systems, LEDs, intelligent lighting systems, energy efficiency management platforms, distributed photovoltaic power station system and micro-grid systems.

Sunseap is the biggest renewable energy player in Singapore with approximately 80% of the local market share. It has over three decades of experience in developing clean energy solutions.

Mr Frank Phuan, Co-Founder and Director, Sunseap Group, said: “Sunseap is excited to be partnering Jiangsu Linyang Energy, one of China’s most established smart renewable energy solutions providers.

“We see much potential in leveraging our networks and domain expertise to deliver innovative clean energy solutions in a reliable and cost-effective manner to grow in the renewable energy market in Asia.”

Mr Jue Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Linyang Energy Technology Pte Ltd, said: “Sunseap is Singapore’s leading clean energy solutions provider and we are delighted to be partnering them to tap the growing interest in the region for a more sustainable way to power homes, offices, factories and communal places.

“The partnership will combine the strengths of both companies to offer optimum clean energy solutions to our customers.”

Sunseap developed the majority of grid-connected photovoltaic power plants in Singapore. Its expertise lies in providing one-stop, integrated and holistic solutions that include project financing, design, installation and maintenance services. It is focused on developing solar energy solutions that use technology focusing on demand-side management to ensure smarter and more efficient energy usage. Sunseap is also exploring the use of smart control systems and batteries under the Energy Market Authority’s OptiWatt programme.

Some of Sunseap’s clients include Apple, Housing Development Board, Singapore American School, Singapore Cruise Centre, Jurong Port, ABB and Panasonic. Outside of Singapore, it has a pipeline of projects in Cambodia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia.