SunPower said that it will now offer fully-integrated its Oasis Power Plant platform to PV plant developers and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) providers thorugh its newly formed solutions business unit.

SunPower Solutions enables developers and EPCs to benefit from SunPower's extensive experience over the past decade developing, financing, constructing, operating and maintaining solar power plants.

"The SunPower Oasis platform delivers competitive cost of energy with the proven reliability and quality of SunPower technology in a fully pre-engineered complete solution," said Tom Werner, president and CEO of SunPower. "Through SunPower Solutions, we enable solar power plant customers around the world to achieve the same standards of excellence with respect to installation speed, quality and performance that we have demonstrated in over 1,000 large-scale solar power plant projects on six continents since 2004."

"The market for solar power plants is rapidly globalizing, with solar power now the most competitive form of new electricity generation in many countries," continued Werner. "In most emerging markets, there is not yet a significant base of installed solar capacity, and limited experience siting, designing, constructing and operating large-scale solar facilities. SunPower's fully-integrated Oasis platform allows local developers and EPC companies new to solar power to minimize risk to project construction schedules and ensure reliable operation while delivering competitive cost of energy."

SunPower Solutions has operations in more than 10 countries and has signed almost 200 megawatts of contracts this year to supply SunPower power plant technology to projects in North America, Europe and Oceania.

In September 2016, SunPower launched its third-generation Oasis Power Plant, a complete power plant solution that installs quickly and optimizes site utilization to maximize value for customers. Product features include 50 percent fewer parts than conventional solar plant systems and an integrated solar tracker design that streamlines construction and reduces operations and maintenance costs.

"Every part of the Oasis platform is engineered to maximize energy yield, delivering a more efficient, reliable solution for long-term energy production," continued Werner. "The SunPower Oasis platform uses drones and our proprietary software to quickly survey sites and select the optimal layout to achieve project financial and energy goals. Oasis trackers are designed to flexibly accommodate steeper slopes and minimize on-site grading. EPC companies appreciate that Oasis is fast and easy to install, and end customers benefit from up to 67 percent more lifetime energy density from a given site."

SunPower P-Series solar panels are cost-effective, high efficiency panels that produce more energy than conventional solar panels over the lifetime of the system. P-Series panels use proven materials, including a proprietary encapsulant that protects the solar cells from degradation caused by moisture and a novel interconnection technology that eliminates the most common solar panel failure mode.