In addition to delivering its roof mount system, SunLink offers engineering services for its Canadian customers, including initial project layout and design support; wind, snow, seismic and structural analysis; and pre-panelization services to speed on-site installation.

Christopher Tilley, CEO of SunLink, said: “The strong recent commitment by the Ontario government to institute the solar feed-in tariff program has enabled us to significantly increase our investment and build upon our established presence in Canada.

“We enthusiastically support the Ontario Power Authority’s vision to bring renewable energy mainstream by providing developers and building owners with a locally-made ‘roof friendly’ mounting solution that includes all the services and support they’ve come to expect from SunLink.”

SunLink has worked with some of the solar developers, installers and integrators globally to install over 400 projects to date across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, the company said.

According to the company, its roof mount system is available in Ontario for commercial and large-scale solar energy installations. Future Canadian manufacturing plans include the ground mount system, which will be available in both the ballasted and post-mount options.