The center caters to configured pumps, mixers, agitators and aeration systems to expand its services of dewatering pumps and other wastewater solutions.

The solutions will serve the company’s customers in the growing market for wastewater, mining and agro industries in the Southeastern, Northern and Central Western parts of the country.

Waste-waters related concerns associated with the mining industry primarily relate to slurries of rock particles in water arising from rainfall washing exposed surfaces; haul roads; and rock washing and grading processes.

The volumes of water to be pumped out can be very high, especially in rainfall related arisings on large sites.

Additionally, the facility also offers repairs, refurbishments and spare parts for submersible and process pumps and other rotating equipment.

Sulzer Pumps also provides services such field services, long term maintenance contracts, projects’ modernization and upgrades.

The company’s clients include those in oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, pulp and paper, water and wastewater industries.