The contract with Syvedac is valued at around €120m.

Under the contract, Suez will be recovering 120,000 tons of waste collected exclusively in local communities every year.

The waste-to-energy unit is said to become the first facility to employ a thermo-dynamic cycle.

This facility will be capable of producing clean energy that will be enough to cover 80% of the site’s own needs and to cater to local needs.

It will also produce steam used for urban heating in the locality of Hérouville-Saint-Clair and, ultimately, to heat market gardening greenhouses.

The energy recovery rate is expected to reach 98%, delivering 252,000MWh of green energy every year.

The renewal of this contract follows the contracts that Suez recently signed in Carhaix, Lamballe and Argenteuil.

Masdar has recently inaugurated Suez energy-efficient desalination pilot plant in Abu Dhabi, the UAE.

Suez has secured a contract from Masdar last year to build and operate the seawater desalination pilot plant.

The plant is said to produce 100 cubic meters (m3) of potable water by using electrical energy less than 3.6KWh/m3, thus offering more energy-efficiency than the current desalination systems.