STWA Inc, a technology company focused on improving the efficiency of energy transportation networks, said that it will begin the preliminary testing for AOT at the US Department of Energy's RMOTC (US DOE) testing facility in Casper, Wyoming, in January 2011.

The company has been working with industry partners on the engineering, fabrication and finalization of the AOT product prototype, which will be used at the DOE’s Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC).

STWA said that the testing will measure the value AOT has to industry and key stakeholders in reducing the cost of transportation of crude oil through pipelines under real world conditions on a live pipeline built exclusively to evaluate the technology.

STWA’s AOT is a new technology for reducing crude oil’s viscosity that can lead to more efficient oil pipeline and crude oil transportation for land-based and maritime pipeline operators by reducing both operation and fuel consumption costs, according to the company.