According to reports, the final approval is to be given by Planning Assessment Commission (PAC).

The project approval will result in extension of the Mine’s life for 11 years, along with creation of 250 full-time jobs at the mine.

The extension proposal was kept for community feedback between November 2012 and January 2013, upon which it got 295 submissions – 214 favoured the project while the rest opposed it.

Gloucester Advocate cited a Department of Planning and Environment spokesman as saying: "The Department of Planning and Environment (has) referred the proposal to the PAC for independent determination, with a recommendation that it be approved with strict conditions to control noise, air quality, water, biodiversity and environmental impacts.

"The project would see $75 million invested in NSW during construction and around $110 million spent in NSW every year the mine operates.

"This includes $45 million per year that will be spent in the Gloucester region, with money channelled to all kinds of local businesses including local equipment suppliers, service providers and caterers.

"As well as the local benefits, NSW would receive around $106 million in royalties from the coal, which could be spent on vital services across the State, such as schools and hospitals."