Support for either electrical or mechanical methods of detecting card insertion maximizes flexibility for handset designers. The EMIF06-mSD02N16 also has a very low mounted height of 0.5mm for use in ultra-slim handset designs, and is the smallest and most highly integrated SD card-interface IC available. The interface supports standard SD cards as well as the MiniSD and MicroSD formats, and will also save space in devices such as ultra-mobile PCs and digital cameras.

Removable memory is an exciting feature for coming generations of handsets, enabling downloading, transferring and sharing of media as well as purchasing of content such as e-books. SD formats already dominate mobile phones and other consumer electronic platforms, and iSupply predicts MiniSD and MicroSD will make up 90% of all card slots in 2010. In addition, the SD Card Association has recently extended its roadmap by announcing Embedded SD, which will enable removable and embedded memory to share a common interface leading to simpler system design.

The EMIF06-mSD02N16 enables mobile phone suppliers and users to benefit from the SD format’s powerful positioning, and is available immediately priced at $0.32 each in quantities of 10,000 units.