Sterling holds a working interest of 25% in this well that is operated by Wintershall (75%) and is targeting the Upper Tay sandstone formation at an estimated target depth of 3,260 feet.

The Blakeney prospect is approximately 10km southwest of the company’s Sheryl discovery in Block 21/23a in which Sterling holds a 35% working interest.

The JW McLean rig is expected to arrive at the Cladhan field drilling location soon to perform a side track of the discovery well. Delineation of the field begins with side tracking to an up dip location in Upper Jurassic channel sands.

With success at the first location, the company said that it is planning a further sidetrack well targeting a down dip location to prove a deeper oil column in the structure. Sterling currently holds a 39.9% interest in the Cladhan field and is operator in partnership with Wintershall (33.5%), Encore (16.6%) and Dyas (10%).

Drilling continues at the Macanta prospect in Block 42/14, a satellite location approximately 13km east of the main Breagh field and planned platform location. The reservoir section of the Macanta well will be drilled in approximately 10 days.