The first two steam generators for unit 1 of Russia’s Leningrad II nuclear plant have arrived at the construction site, 70km outside of Saint Petersburg. Two more are expected to follow before the end of this month.

The steam generators, each weighing 360 tons, were manufactured by Atomenergomash subsidiary ZIO-Podolsk.

The components measure 14 m in length and 5 m in diameter. They were shipped by rail from the Podolsk production facility and loaded onto a barge, which made its way to Sosnovy Bor. After arriving there on 2 June, the equipment was off-loaded onto the Ustjinski pier and delivered to the construction site by special vehicles.

The third and the fourth steam generators for Leningrad II-1 are due be delivered to the same way by the end of July 2014.

Construction contractor Titan-2 (through subsidiaries MSU-90 and UAT) will be responsible for installing the steam generators. A heavy crawler crane Liebherr will lift the components and place them onto a conveyor bridge. Then, each SG will be lifted into the reactor hall where they will be raised to an elevation of +14.5 m using a polar crane.

Construction began on Leningrad II-1, a 1200 MW VVER-1200 reactor, in October 2008. Last month the reactor dome was installed.

Photo: The 360t steam generators make their way to Russia’s Leningrad nuclear plant (Credit: Titan2)