UK-based pipeline engineering specialist STATS Group has completed the isolation of a 24in oil export pipeline on BP’s Marnock Eastern Trough Area Project (ETAP) spur line, to replace a 16in valve.

The oil pipeline, which is located in the Central North Sea, supplies oil produced at the nine fields of the ETAP project.

STATS used its 24in Remote Tecno Plug for the isolation of the line and provided safe environment to perform the valve replacement activities.

The primary and secondary seal tests were performed using full isolation pressure, while pressure between the primary and secondary seals were monitored throughout the replacement process.

Upon the completion of the valve replacement work, STATS installed a 24in extended body in-line weld test tool through the launcher to straddle the 16" tee to reinstate and leak test the replaced valve and 16in branch.

STATS Group isolation services manager Steven Byers said, "The project was a success and enabled BP to complete maintenance works which were reliant on the plug providing an isolation."