Statkraft AS (Statkraft) is opening the Rodberg power plant in Buskerud county. Making use of the waterfall drop between two existing power plants, the new plant will produce enough power to supply 800 households. The power plant exploits 60% of the water drop between the two power stations Nore 1 and Nore 2 by using the minimum release from the Rodberg dam. The plant has an installed capacity of 2.9 megawatt and an average annual production of 15.5 GWh.

“The power plant at Rodberg is a highly sustainable project and an example of the new and environmentally friendly method of exploiting our water resources, gentler on the landscape and with higher efficiency. This plant is an exemplary illustration of the fact that there is still a lot to be had from our clean and renewable hydropower sources,” says executive vice president Siri Hatlen.

The development of the Rodberg power plant meets the government’s and Statkraft’s goal of upgrading and extending our already existing hydropower facilities. In Norway the company is working on several hydropower projects that will be able to add a total of 2 TWh to the nation’s power production, enough to cover the electricity needs of 100,000 households.