A new R&D programme is set to produce information that may shape investment decisions, energy management, and operation and maintenance in Statkraft.

The new Statkraft R&D program "Concequences of Climate Change" will contribute to a consistent handling of climate information throughout the company, a recent statement suggested.

“Climate change has impacts on all current business areas in Statkraft, including hydro power, wind power and energy from biomass," said Uta Gjertsen, head of the programme.

Climate change is also likely to impact future policymaking and hereby the energy market and new business opportunities for Statkraft.

“We don’t know how climate change will affect the production of renewable energy in the future. Through this R&D programme we will carry out projects aimed at increasing Statkraft’s competence and adaptation capability. The programme has a strategic role in establishing climate information as a basis for investment decisions, energy management, and operation and maintenance," says Gjertsen.
R&D projects within the programme’s portfolio will address topics like downscaling of climate models, vulnerability analyses, the climate impact of renewable energy production, and the development of methods for integration climate information into the decision making process.
The new R&D programme was launched on September 27, in parallel with the publication of the new report from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).