Statkraft has been developing osmotic power for a decade and opened the world’s first prototype facility for osmotic power in 2009. Membrane is a key component in osmotic power generation.

Under the agreement, Nitto Denko/Hydranautics will develop membranes specifically designed for the use in large scale osmotic power plants. The development of more efficient membranes will contribute to making the technology competitive with other new, renewable energy sources and will bring osmotic power further towards future commercialization.

“We are very pleased to work with Statkraft to develop the membrane technology needed to make osmotic power a reality”, said Yasushi Nakahira, General Manager of Nitto Denko Global Membrane Division and CEO of Hydranautics. “Renewable energy sources are critical for the future and developing membrane elements for osmotic power generation aligns very well with Nitto Denko’s strategy for environmental and clean energy related business growth.”

“More renewable energy is key in combating climate change, and this partnership is an important step forward in the development of osmotic power. The partners have similar corporate cultures and values and have a complementary set of competence and expertise. This provides an excellent starting point for a successful cooperation”, added Jon Brandsar, Executive Vice President, Statkraft.

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