The 24MW first phase of the project was completed in October 2010, the 34MW second phase in September 2011 while the 11MW final phase was completed in December 2011.

Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale and KfW IPEX-Bank provided long-term debt financing for the project.

Starwood Energy senior vice president Himanshu Saxena said, "Starwood Energy is very proud to have completed this important project on-time and underbudget with the help of our two top-notch partners, Q.CELLS and NORD/LB.

Starwood Energy chief executive officer Bradford Nordholm said, "The Starwood SSM Project is another excellent example of Starwood Energy’s high value-add investments in power generation and transmission in North America."

Q.CELLS North America chief executive officer Boris Schubert said, "With our unrivaled expertise in solar energy system design and construction, our dedication to quality and our global network of partners, Q.CELLS is ideally positioned to offer customers a sustainable return on their investments in solar energy."

Q.CELLS North America, the engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the project, provided more than 300,000 Q.CELLS Q.BASE modules across the three sites.

The company said the three phase of the project have been contracted for a 20-year period under the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program, developed by the Ontario Power Authority.