CEZ will transfer to E.ON stakes in Jihomoravska energetika and Jihoceska energetika, and in exchange will get stakes in Zapadoceska energetika and Vychodoceska energetika. The companies have also agreed on the possibility of later consolidation of further minority stakes in energy distribution companies.

In the reorganisation of the Czech power sector ordered by the government, CEZ acquired in April state-owned stakes in eight distributors, and became the majority owner of five of them. However, the anti-monopoly office ordered the company to sell one majority stake and all three minority stakes.

CEZ is now talking with RWE about the swap of the last minority stake in Prazska energetika for a stake in Stredoceska energetika.

CEZ has transferred to the state 66 per cent of shares in CEPS, the operator of the Czech transmission network.