The 2x660MW coal-fired power plant, owned and operated by Huaneng Shaanxi Qinling Power is located in Huayin City, Luofu County, Shaanxi Province and is expected to be operational in early 2011. China, has seen a strong demand for dry cooling technology. Its power generation market remains robust and water conservation efforts and policies are top of mind.

SPX cooling technologie indirect dry cooling tower with patent-pending Mega Delta technology utilizes a traditional steam surface or jet condenser and a circulating water system to transfer the waste heat to natural draft concrete cooling towers using air-cooled heat exchanger bundles. This is an attractive option for large plants located in arid environments or in areas subject to restrictions on water usage.

Drew Ladau, segment president of SPX, said: “Our deep experience in dry cooling technology allows us to provide power plants of large size with advanced and innovative technologies. The Mega Delta technology is a highly efficient solution and very effective in arid conditions. We view China, India and other parts of Southeast Asia as well as Africa as ideal markets for these products today.”

Significant advances have been made over the past few years to SPX’s indirect dry cooling tower technology, including welded steel tubes for product integrity and large tubes for economical and reliable operation.

As the unit size of power plants continues to grow, modern power plants require higher cooling performance, requiring larger cooling surfaces and tower sizes. SPX has developed a two level cooling delta arrangement that is designed to provide higher cooling efficiency at a reasonable cost and a more economical system operation.

SPX’s thermal equipment and services segment is a provider of wet, dry and hybrid cooling towers, heat exchanges, air and flue gas systems and filter systems, utilized by thousands of power stations and plants in more than 60 countries across six continents.

The segment’s broad offering enables the maintaining, refurbishing, upgrading and modernizing of power stations, and includes a wide range of aftermarket services and solutions.