ECOtality has partnered with Sprint Nextel to ensure the connectivity on the company's Blink electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to guarantee customer satisfaction.

ECOtality will utilize the Sprint Command Center, across its nationwide system of residential, commercial, and public charging stations to control Machine-to-Machine (M2M) provisioning, billing, device, service management, and to run the Blink Network.

ECOtality will install the company’s Blink EV charging stations across the country, and will install nearly 15,000 Level 2 chargers at residential and commercial locations, and over 300 DC Fast Charging ports at public and commercial sites now, and throughout 2011.

Through ECOtality’s new partnership, Sprint will provide the wireless network that will allow ECOtality to monitor and manage the Blink Network, an infrastructure of EV chargers across the US, for use by consumers as well as commercial hosts.

As part of The EV project, ECOtality will monitor the energy usage and output of charging stations, to determine a viable method for mass adoption of electric vehicles and empower the smart grid.