A water treatment works in Hong Kong is to generate hydroelectricity through the installation of a new Pump as Turbine (PaT) system, SPP Pumps has announced.

The manufacturer and distributor of centrifugal pumps has won the contract to supply Sha Tin water treatment works with the single PaT solution, which will allow the facility to generate its own power on-site.

The PaT solution from SPP utilises the potential energy contained in the water entering the works (based on available flow & head), which runs from the supply reservoir to the head of the Sha Tin works. Previously the excess flow and pressure has been ‘blown off’ in a dissipation chamber prior to entering the works and by doing so wasting a natural resource of green energy. By harnessing the flow and pressure entering the works, via the PaT system, the resulting electricity generated can be used to supplement the power requirements of the water treatment works at Sha Tin.

"What’s attractive about our particular PaT solution is that it offers considerable cost savings over the traditional turbine-produced hydro power, in fact up to 50% reduction on capital investment is easily within reach on many sites," said Stuart Wallis is a Sales Manager for the Water division of SPP Pumps. "Utility companies in particular, are waking up to the advantages that micro hydro-energy solutions can offer and our solution optimises small amounts of available flow & pressure."

SPP Pumps said in a statement that through its partnership with Ham Baker, it has developed a sophisticated control which maximises power output over varying flows & pressures.

"With this complete packaged solution we are giving companies the opportunity to produce their own power on a micro level and become sustainable without a huge capital outlay," added Wallis.