Spectrum, in collaboration with the Direction Generale des Hydrocarbures (DGH), has started the first of a series of 3D Multi-Client seismic acquisition programmes offshore Gabon.

The programmes are located in under-explored areas over shallow water open blocks. The DGH intends to make these blocks available through future shallow water license rounds. Spectrum's new 3D broadband seismic will image high potential pre- and post-salt play types. Fully processed and depth migrated data will be available for upcoming license rounds, thus facilitating immediate exploration activity when the blocks are awarded.

On December 31(st), Spectrum commenced acquisition of the 10,000 km(2) Gryphon 3D survey in southern Gabon. The survey has attracted strong industry funding and is expected to be completed early Q3 2017. A further 5,000 km(2) 3D survey over open acreage in Northern Gabon, and an additional 3,000 km(2) 3D survey offshore Central Gabon will commence during Q1 and Q2 respectively.

Gravity and magnetic data will also be acquired in conjunction with the seismic data. This will allow for the effective independent verification of structure and the preparation of high density depth to basement maps.

In addition to this new 3D seismic, Spectrum holds over 20,000 km of 2D seismic data offshore Gabon. This data gives a regional overview and highlights key areas of exploration. Spectrum also offers gravity gradiometry data and basin modelling information relating to southern offshore areas.

The new 3D seismic data is expected to start becoming available toward the end of 2017 ahead of anticipated licensing rounds.