Sparq, Nautilus Solar Energy and the City of Lordsburg, New Mexico have signed an agreement to supply solar energy to the city.

The 1.5MW project will feature rooftop and ground mount solar installations for behind-the-meter applications at the city’s waste water treatment plant, well pumping station, fluoride plant, city hall and fire station.

To be operational in summer 2014, the system is likely to reduce the city’s energy costs by $3.6m over the 20-year term.

City of Lordsburg Mayor Frank Rodriguez said working with Sparq as the developer and Nautilus Solar as the owner/operator is a beneficial partnership for the city.

"With no upfront investment required, it made sense for us from a financial and environmental standpoint considering the reduction in our energy costs that the project provided. All around, this project will improve the quality of life in our community," added Rodriguez.

Sparq CEO Don Rodriguez said that the project will improve the air quality in the city and create construction jobs in the region.

"We are committed to developing similar projects in the rural areas of Arizona and New Mexico," added Rodriguez.