The quiet, eco-friendly, portable energy station solution of the future is here, thanks to Sparkbox.

In providing an illuminating glimpse into the potential of convenient portable power, Sparkbox is introducing a new innovative electric power station it calls "eco-portable energy." The Sparkbox compact charging station is transforming the energy industry landscape, bringing consumers the capability to power up virtually anything, anywhere, ranging from outdoor activities, including RVs, campers, emergency preparedness to small business, medical device and facility applications.

"Our company's charging solution is a culmination of our team's 10 plus years working with a wide variety of portable power products and mobile accessories. With Sparkbox, we are poised to revolutionize the industry," said Marty Wolf, founder and owner of Sparkbox. "Featuring two accessible AC & USB ports and a 12V CLA, our charger is powerful enough to charge an electric vehicle but small enough to fit comfortably in the car's trunk. The market applications for our product are truly unlimited."

Key benefits of the company's products:

Power: Sparkbox delivers 3 kWh of power (30-amp output), enabling it to charge many power devices, and can be fully charged from empty in a little over three hours. The product will offer 120V & 240V models.

Flexibility: Sparkbox comes with Bluetooth capability for iOS, Android, and desktop platforms, enabling remote battery monitoring, charge status alerts, and the ability to control the charger wherever the user goes. AC outlets are available directly on the case, and there are two onboard 3A USB chargers and a 12V CLA for convenient use. Sparkbox is weather & splash resistant, and features integrated wheels & handles built for rugged outdoor use.

Sustainability: Sparkbox requires no fuel, is quiet, has zero emissions, can be recharged thousands of times, ideal for indoor & outdoor use, and delivers a sustainable energy alternative to bulky, noisy gas-powered generators that also require costly fuel storage.

Affordability: Sparkbox will range in price from $1299-$1599, half the price of any comparable solution on the market.

"Sparkbox provides a powerful, clean, sustainable energy alternative to awkwardly designed gas-run generators that have dominated the market until now," Wolf said. "We've seen some competing products that came out recently in the 3kWh range but do not have the capacity to deliver similar amperage as Sparkbox. You can't plug an EV into these other chargers. There is no other complete affordable portable charging solution in the industry today. Few people realize that you can have access to this amount of energy in a portable device. Sparkbox is truly the high power eco-friendly portable electric power station you didn't know you've been waiting for and is proving once again that great things come in small packages."