SP Energy Networks, the power distribution arm of ScottishPower, has started testing new lightbulbs that will remain switched on even during a power-cut.

A pilot project in this regard is being trialled by the utility’s customers in the UK.

Dubbed as the iViTiON bulb, the new invention according to SP Energy, can detect when there is a cut in electricity supply following which it moves into the battery power mode to stay on.

Although it screws in like any other normal electric bulb, the iViTiON bulb has a battery inside it that gets charged during routine usage.

The battery backup has the capability to run the iViTiON bulb for up to three hours by which SP Energy says the power is usually restored.

Apart from that, the new lightbulb can distinguish between an actual power cut and someone just playing around with the light switch.

SP Energy Networks engineering services director Colin Taylor said: “This could be a real lightbulb moment in the way we use technology to support customers.

“These bulbs have the potential to make a big difference in the unlikely event of a power cut, particularly for vulnerable or elderly customers and those at home with young children. We hope that after a successful trial they will be made more widely available.”

TheiViTiON bulb which uses LED technology is also said to give out the same brightness intensity as that given by a conventional 60-watt bulb. This, SP Energy says is despite the iViTiON bulb consuming only eight watts of power.

It has been estimated to give energy savings of up to 80% in comparison to the normal bulbs used in most households.

Presently, the bulb hasn’t yet arrived in the markets and is being trialled and once successful, it will be further evaluated in towns and villages across the network region.

Image: The iViTiON bulb from SP Energy Networks. Photo: courtesy of SP Energy Networks.