Mabudafhasi said that the project should be seen within the context of government’s pledge to deliver a better life to all.

“Our democratic government is determined and dedicated to improving the lives of all our people, irrespective of race, religion, creed and so forth. This has motivated us to tackle the scourge of unemployment head-on. We are pulling all the resources at our disposal to achieve this goal,” said Mabudafhasi.

The Kuyasa Clean Development Mechanism Project has created 85 full-time job opportunities for women, youth and the disabled and over 16 500 temporary jobs.

“It is encouraging that the community has taken ownership of the project in line with its motto- Siyazenzela [We are doing it for ourselves],” said Mabudafhasi.

The project intends to reduce fossil fuel based consumption, and hence carbon dioxide emissions.

Mabudafhasi said that the extensive use of the clean development mechanism intervention will lead to the reduction of pollution caused by the use of non-renewable energy sources.

“We simply cannot afford not to roll-out energy efficiency intervention in the low income housing sector. Currently, an estimated three million households make use of firewood to meet their basic energy requirements,” said Mabudafhasi.

“There is huge potential to increase the contribution of renewable energy to the total energy mix. This can only contribute to improving the lives of all the people,” said Mabudafhasi.