sonnen has introduced a new product for the US residential market in order to meet the rapidly increasing demand for storing solar energy.


The sonnenBatterie eco compact has been designed to increase grid-tied solar consumption and is offered at up to 40% the cost of sonnen’s other products.

The eco compact uses sonnen’s self-learning software to offer several grid-tied functions that increase household solar self-consumption, managing time-of-use and supporting grid services, not including backup power.

The fully integrated system including inverter, battery modules, smart energy manager and measurement technology retails for $5,950 (EUR 5,366) without installation.

The battery module comes with a lifetime of 10,000 cycles and is also equipped with smart energy manager and measurement technology.

As the battery system is modular in design, it allows a user to easily expand it in increments of 4kWh up to 16kWh in a single compact unit.

sonnen CEO Boris von Bormann said: "We’ve seen increasing demand from our installation partners for a lower cost energy storage product that enables homeowners to use more of the power generated by rooftop solar systems.

"With the sonnenBatterie eco compact we are providing a simple, cost-effective version of our proven energy management technology that enables more solar-powered homeowners to supply up to 100% of their own power needs.

"As a result we expect to see a dramatic increase in the installation of storage across the country."

The sonnenBatterie eco compact is available for pre-order and products will ship by the end of fourth quarter.

More than 12,000 households globally have installed sonnen’s products including the currently available sonnenBatterie eco protect residential smart energy management system.

Image: sonnen’s latest smart energy management solution – the sonnenBatterie eco compact – scales from 4kWh to 16kWh and increases solar self-consumption for residential customers. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewsFoto/sonnen, Inc.