Solyndra International and SunSwitch, a Solyndra solution provider, has completed a 205kWp rooftop solar system installation on the rooftop of the Pfizer Global Supply site in the Walloon region of Belgium.

Solyndra said the photovoltaic (PV) installation required a total of nearly 15,000m of cable and included 15 Refu inverters.

The 80% roof coverage increases energy generated by the roof, which will provide an annual yield of 171MWh, enough to power 38 households.

The Solyndra modules will generate enough electricity to reduce Pfizer’s annual CO2 emissions by 60 tons.

Solyndra PV panels are lightweight and self-ballasting, with no penetration or attachments required, SunSwitch said.

SunSwitch CEO Jerome Kervyn de Meerendre said Solyndra’s lightweight panels enabled the company to install the panels easily and quickly.

Solyndra president Clemens Jargon said the PV project, completed hand-in-hand with Belgian PV installer SunSwitch in four weeks, provides an impressive 80% net PV roof coverage, resulting in a maximized power density and renewable energy production.