Solon Corp, a provider of solar power plants and manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar modules in the US, has completed 1.6MW solar power plant in Tucson in conjunction with Tucson Electric Power (TEP).

TEP, the owner and operator of the solar production facility, will provide the output of the array directly to customers through its new Bright Tucson Community Solar program.

The program will allow customers to purchase solar energy in 150kWh blocks, providing an easy and affordable way to reduce or eliminate their use of conventional power.

The solar power plant, located in the new Solar Zone at the University of Arizona (UA) Science and Technology Park, consists of a single-axis tracking system featuring Solon’s Velocity MW system.

The company’s Velocity MW solar system provides preconfigured, compact 1MW modular solar clusters.

Solon provided engineering, procurement and construction services for the 1.6MW system, and the construction on the system began in October 2010 in 14 acres.

The array is expected to produce approximately 3,000,000kWh in first-year output, and approximately 60,000,000kWh over 20 years.