The system consists of high efficiency Solon PV modules weighing less than 10kg/m2; a pre-finished steel roof system made from Colorcoat Prisma by Tata Steel.

The new offering also consists a bonding adhesive enabling the installation of PV panels directly onto the roof surface.

The easy application of adhesive allows a simple and fast installation of the Solon SOLbond Integra without any roof penetration or sub-mounting system.

The lighter weight of the frameless modules also suits roofs with low static loads.

The company said the Solon modules provide a surface area efficiency of about 155Wp/m2.

Solon CEO Stefan Sauberlich said Solon SOLbond Integra is a new solution for a new metal roof equipped with a photovoltaic system, for example on a warehouse or manufacturing building.

Germany-based Solon is a manufacturer of solar modules in Europe as well as a supplier of solar system technology for large-scale rooftop and ground-based installations.