Solar Inverter

Located in Swansea, Lunenburg, Whatley and Hadley, the projects willgenerate net metering credits from the facilities and produce credits that will be made available to manufacturers and municipalities in the area via their utility provider.

NuGen Capital Management CEO David Milner said, "It has been a pleasure to work with Solectria Renewables on these five projects."

"They are a strong, reliable, local company with excellent products that exceeded all of our requirements," Milne added.

"As NuGen expands in the U.S. and abroad we look forward to working with Solectria on future projects."

Solectria Renewables president Phil Vyhanek said, "It’s always an honor to participate in local solar deployments in our home state of Massachusetts."

"We value long term relationships with proven, skilled partners and investors, such as NuGen Capital Management, and we are pleased they place such faith in our technologies and continue to choose us as their inverter manufacturer," Vyhanek added.

Image: NuGen Capital purchases Solectria’s Smartgrid inverters for US PV projects. Photo: courtesy of Solectria Renewables.