The PV array is part of the 2012 sustainability action plan of the county designed to reduce electricity costs and carbon footprint of the city of Santa Barbara.

Consisting of 4,500 SolarWorld modules that were assembled in assembled in Camarillo, California the solar stations spans seven and half acres inside the County Jail of Santa Barbara premises.

Endelos Energy, an engineering, procurement and construction contractor chose Solectria to deliver products for the construction of the solar station.

Solectria Renewables president Phil Vyhanek said, "Being part of this project aligns with our mission and goals – to supply the best U.S.-made inverters to our customers, providing them with maximum return on investment (ROI) and helping reduce the world’s electricity costs and carbon footprint."

The PV system will generate 1.7m kWh of electricity per annum and provide the same to ten county facilities thereby reducing energy consumption by one-third.