Market tested in 2008 and installed at over twenty locations across the country including in California, Colorado and New Jersey, CoolPly, the new BIPV system, is being formally introduced to the construction and solar industries.

Known as The Solar Sisters, Annett Eiffert and Patrina Eiffert, Ph.D., determined that although solar energy was projected to be one of the top three markets in the US in coming years, there was no viable, cost-effective building integrated solution for commercial roofs.

The system is designed and engineered for the specific building, with the flexibility to match the brand, type, and attachment method of the existing roof membrane on the jobsite. It is installed by traditional roofing methods by local roofers.

The overwhelming positive market response to CoolPly by solar installers, utilities, electrical and roofing contractors is an example of the growing demand for building integrated solar solutions by the customer. said Patrina Eiffert, SolarFrameWorks chief executive officer. “A few years ago, we looked at the market and we noted a huge gap between two industries; the solar electric industry and the commercial roof construction industry,” agree the SolarFrameWorks founders.