SolarEdge Technologies, a provider of distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems, is expanding its activity to Italy forming a partnership with Albatech, an Italian distributor of solar products and supplier of products for photovoltaic plants.

The SolarEdge power harvesting solution includes PowerBoxes, which are module-integrated power optimizers, multi-string solar inverter and a monitoring portal. This offering enables production of up to 25% more energy from PV installation, while reducing costs and complexities, the company claims.

The Italian PV market includes roof-top, commercial and large-scale PV installations. SolarEdge said that its offering allows installers and system owners of all system types to benefit from constraint-free design, real-time module-level monitoring, improved maintenance at reduced cost, optimal site-area utilization, theft prevention mechanisms, enhanced safety and reliability, which all contribute to faster return on investment.

Raffaele Salutari, sales and marketing director of Albatech, said: “As a MetaSystem Group company, a technology-oriented group with extensive experience in power electronics, we found SolarEdge to be a natural partner, providing a smart solution based on a unique technology that enables maximum energy throughput along with numerous other benefits.

“Albatech already placed orders and began taking deliveries for several mega-watts of SolarEdge systems.”