Solar Power Partners, a US-based developer of distributed solar energy facilities, has placed 19 new solar energy facilities into service with a total capacity of 7.7MW.

According to Solar Power Partners (SPP), the projects will provide solar power to customers including corporate clients, three universities, two healthcare facilities, a water district, a wastewater treatment facility, and a public school.

The solar energy facilities (SEFs) are expected to produce enough clean renewable energy to offset 8,723 metric tons of CO2 annually, claims the company.

SPP said that the SEFs have been constructed by SPP Fund II, in which the company will act as the general partner and provide asset management services. Financing of the SEFs is being provided by Bank of America in the form of a tax equity investment and Energy Investors Funds through their US Power Fund III.

Solar Power Partners (SPP) is a California-based renewable energy company. Combining the financing help of solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with the expertise of solar and building industry professionals, SPP gives building owners energy independence.