ProPac is manufactured by Energy Laboratories, Inc. For the average home, 20% to 30% of entire energy used is solely to heat water.

“Solar Energy Initiatives is pleased to offer ProPac™ to its dealers,” stated David Fann, chief executive officer of Solar Energy Initiatives. “We believe ProPac™ is the most innovative commercial-grade solar hot water product to enter the market to date. As part of our RENEW THE NATION campaign this product will assist in redeploying electricians and plumbing contractors into solar energy dealers. Heating water is an energy-intensive endeavor and we are confident that this application is an ideal cost-cutting method for hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons and other commercial institutions where hot water is a significant expense. This revolutionary product will assist in growing our revenue base as we continue to double our sales quarter over quarter.”

The first commercial ProPac installation concluded is situated at the CSX Transportation facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina. K-Power, a division of The Dana B. Kenyon Construction Company, has installed the water heating system. The system commissioned in March 2009 will produce 217,800 BTU’s a day, heating 240 gallons of water to 140 degrees F. It is projected to decrease water heating costs by 80% and offsetting 22 tons of carbon dioxide per year and a service life over 25 years.