To be located in Kagonezawa District of Hiraizumi on 30ha of land designated for commercial use, the utility-scale power plant has received support of local residents.

The power plant will be operated and managed by Solar Frontier and the electricity generated will be sold to Tohoku Electric Power Company.

The plant would generate electricity which is enough to meet the requirements of almost all of Hiraizumi’s 2,630 households annually.

Initiated by the Hiraizumi administration, the project’s part of the income will be used for preserving the world heritage site.

Hiraizumi Mayor Masayoshi Sugawara said: "Through Hiraizumi’s local residents, we are proving that historical sites and renewable, clean energy can exist side by side."

Solar Frontier and Hiraizumi, through the solar project, are helping the development of renewable energy in support of historical sites and urban development.

Solar Frontier will install its CIS modules for higher electricity yield (kWh/kWp) at the power plant.

Image: World Heritage Town Hiraizumi and Solar Frontier agree to 13MW megasolar project. Photo: courtesy of pakorn /