The companies CEO states that receiving these 25 year contracts will enable ISS to more quickly sell and fund these new projects that range in size from 20MW to 80MW. All of the current sites are flat, and cleared which will make the sites easier and faster to construct thus maximizing investor returns on these portfolios. ISS currently has negotiated contracts with some of the largest EPC's in the world and is building Turn-Key Solar Farms for $1/watt ALL-IN which includes single axis trackers and tier one panels and inverters. To further warranty and guarantee projects the EPC's that ISS contracts with can supply insurance wrap policies to guarantee production of the sites and projects.

Innovative Solar is one of the few solar farm developers in the Unites States that can offer the complete solution when it comes to Solar Farms. The company develops all of their projects in house, has the best relationships with EPC's and can provide everything from financing solutions to O&M contracts after the projects are brought on-line at COD. ISS has an expansive portfolio of projects for 2017 and currently has almost two hundred (200) projects in various stages of development for a total of almost 10GW's of generation. Foreign Investors and buyers alike are coming to quickly love ISS due to the fact the company handles every part of solar farm development, from project inception all the way through financing and construction. Last year Innovative Solar Systems was ranked as the #4 Developer of Solar Farm Projects in the U.S. and this year the company will be #1 due to the company's rapid growth and expansion.