As per the contract, the company will install roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) solar array systems, each about 290kW, at North Adams and Peebles Elementary Schools.

Sol Ventus Partners will construct, operate and maintain the systems over the course of the 20-year agreements. The School District agrees to purchase the power generated by the system, locking in savings of 15-18% on power from the solar array.

A real-time energy interface linked to each array will be the online hub for a proprietary energy curriculum, enabling teachers, students and the community to monitor system activity and grasp the environmental benefits of alternative energy.

Construction of the solar systems at North Adams and Peebles is slated for completion by year-end, with Sol Ventus associate Kastle Solar & Wind handling the project. The signing culminates a process that began in early March with site analysis and a feasibility study conducted by architectural firm McGill Smith Punshon, system planning experts for the Sol Ventus team of professionals.