CFX, part of UK-based aea-technology, has launched the latest versions of its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software products, CFX-TASCflow and CFX-TurboGrid. The new tools have been developed to further improve the functionality, performance and ease of use for the analysis of fluid flows, heat and mass transfer for a range of mechanical engineering applications, says the company.

CFX-TASCflow is designed for the analysis of multi-dimensional fluid flow and heat transfer processes encountered in the mechanical engineering industry. The latest version includes a number of features to help users customise the product to their own requirement. New user-configurable menus and icon bars allow both third party software and other CFX tools to be accessed more easily.

CFX-TurboGrid, which is an interactive grid generation tool designed to ensure an accurate mesh in the blade passage of turbo-machines, uses a variety of new features to speed up processing and improve functionality.

These include a new smoothing capability to increase the quality of meshes produced, a control for the parameterisation of meridional space in geometries with a highly curved blade passage, and further increases in the speed of the post processor.