Under the order, the company has agreed to supply a Hybrid Percomtherm unit.

The unit operates at 96% efficiency and combines condensing recovery of waste heat from existing boilers with a new direct contact condensing burner to heat process water.

Olymel Engineering Services director William Laing said the decision to purchase the Sofame unit was based on its heat recovery characteristics and its ability to produce hot water more efficiently than the conventional boilers in use.

Sofame president and CEO John Gocek said the offering, which includes equipment, installation, and a financial incentive from the natural gas utility, gave the customer everything needed to assess project costs and benefits.

QED Connect CEO Tom Makmann said as previously announced Sofame has secured orders for over $1.4m this quarter.

"This order and the Butterball contract validate the technology’s application in food processing industry," Makmann said.

Canada-based Olymel is engaged in the processing and distribution of pork, poultry and meat products that has facilities in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.

Sofame custom engineers and manufactures unique, high-efficiency direct-contact industrial hot water systems.