The BABM-1 well, to be drilled on the RR Prospect, is targeting stacked early Miocene channel complexes that are mappable in the seismic data, delineated by stratal discontinuities and variations in seismic amplitudes. Previous exploration drilling targeted different types of prospects, and the BABM-1 well is unique relative to all wells in and near the Block. Two wells on adjacent blocks along trend provide critical support to confirm that this wildcat tests an opportunity consistent with the known habitat of oil in the region. The BABM-1 well targets gross P50 prospective recoverable resource of c.330 million barrels of oil.

The well will be drilled by the deepwater drillship Noble Globetrotter II and is expected to take 25 to 35 days, with a planned depth of approximately 3,400 metres below mean sea level. SOCO, with a 60% interest, is carrying 100% of the expected c.$25-30 million well cost.