Smartcool Systems Inc. (Smartcool), a Canada-based manufacturer of Smartcool Energy Saving Module, has received an order for 500 ECO3 units from Airworks Wholesale (Airworks). The ECO3 is specifically designed as an easily installed secondary controller for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The ECO3 units offer extensive cost savings and environmental benefits by optimizing the energy efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems with one or two compressors.

Airworks has recognized the ECO3 as a proven technology that complements its existing portfolio of air conditioning products and services. Airworks has been dedicated to supplying the trade sector with solutions to economic and environmental demands in the HVAC space since 1995 and has developed a comprehensive network of service agents across Australia.

Airworks represents everything we look for in a distrbution partner,’ stated George Burnes, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Smartcool Systems Inc. ‘Airworks has a strong relationship with a national network of service agents that are very well equipped to sell and support our ECO(3)(TM) product. Relationships such as the one we have with Airworks reinforce the ECO(3)(TM) value proposition for companies that are serious about cutting energy costs and reducing carbon emissions.

These cooling units are found in millions of buildings worldwide.

When I first saw this particular energy saving module at work and having reviewed many accolades from high profile engineers around the world, I knew we had to have the ECO(3)(TM) as part of our portfolio,’ commented Mark Galea, CEO of Airworks . ‘We finally have an opportunity to offer a product that provides significant cost savings and genuinely reduces carbon emissions direct to the HVAC industry. We have many energy and environmental issues in Australia but we feel strongly that the ECO(3)(TM) will help pave our way to a better environment.