Smartcool Systems has launched a $1.8m roll out of its energy efficiency technology into twenty-five Colt Telecom facilities in Western Europe.

The project is expected to save Colt Telecom an estimated 7,400,000kWh every year resulting in a payback in less than two years enabling Colt to progress its reduction targets while providing significant financial returns.

The roll out will see Smartcool’s ESM and ECO(3) installed in all of Colt’s 19 data centers and an additional six corporate facilities across the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland.

In addition to that, Smartcool’s roll out is estimated to cut the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 9,981,670 lbs or 4,527,500 kg.

George Burnes, president and CEO of Smartcool, said: “Our European team has worked hard to secure this major deal, building on their previous multi-site experience with other major clients like Sainsbury’s in the UK and Telefonica in Spain.

”This cross border roll-out further demonstrates Smartcool’s growth and strength as a leader in the energy efficiency industry. Not only do we have a superior solution to offer, but we also have the proven capability to deliver effectively to our customers around the globe.”

Steve Lamb, managing engineer of Colt, said: “We have made a commitment to improve the energy efficiency of our data centers by 10% in 2010. Smartcool is helping us reach this goal by reducing the energy required to maintain ideal operating temperatures in these facilities.

”The associated cut in greenhouse gas emissions is also helping us achieve our goals under our Carbon Reduction Campaign.”