For the 412MW Rampur project, SJVN agreed with the ministry on a number of milestone targets, including the completion of the Kunni construction adit by May, the Goshai adit by year end and the Kazo adit by February 2008. The MoU also calls for almost 1km of the 15km long, 10.5m diameter headrace tunnel to be excavated by February 2008.

Under the MoU the M&E works for Rampur are to be awarded in August. The power company recently said the deadline for bids had been extended to 15 June.

The Rampur project is being built downstream of the 1500MW Nathpa Jhakri scheme, which under the MoU is to produce 6720M units of gross output in 2007-8. In 2006-7 the company achieved record output of 5941M units, having only generated 4055M units the previous year – a reduction from 5108M units in 2004-5.

Revenues anticipated from the target output from Nathpa Jhakri are Rs 1403 Crore (US$346M). Flow management on the scheme is subject to a 15% mandatory discharge pending notification of the state government of Himachal Pradesh.

The company plans to submit detailed project reports in August for the 700MW Luhri and the 34.5MW Naitwor Mori schemes, and next January for the 36MW Jakhol Sankari project