A comprehensive offering for the whole of SITA France has mobilized all its know-how to provide ARKEMA with a nationwide offering that draws on the expertise of its subsidiary TERIS Specialites. This subsidiary, specializing in the treatment of hazardous waste and solvent recovery, has been managing waste at the six ARKEMA sites in the Rhones-Alpes region since 2007, thus making SITA the sole waste management partner of ARKEMA.

All SITA subsidiaries will combine their expertise to provide a complete customized response for all ARKEMA production sites in France. In addition to the collection, sorting and recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, the solutions implemented will include seven cases of delegated management and the application of a continuous progress approach.

Key focus area: improve ARKEMA’s general environmental footprint

Like ARKEMA, Teris Specialites is a signatory to the “Responsible Care” charter, a global approach by the chemical industry to promote sustainable development. This joint benchmark embodies the new partnership between the two groups. A pioneer of the environmental footprint and a player committed to sustainable development, SITA endeavors on a daily basis to promote waste management methods that provide optimal environmental, economic and social solutions. ARKEMA was looking for a service provider that could take on board all its environmental challenges, guarantee services that were in strict regulatory compliance and significantly increase its waste recycling rate by adopting a continuous improvement approach.

Signing this contract marks the start of a national collaboration. It is a long-term relationship in line with the mutual desire of both groups to focus on achieving progress in their sustainable development commitments.