Beijing-based Sinoenergy has opened three new retail filling stations that have started selling compressed natural gas in Wuhan City, in the Hubei Province of China.

Sinoenergy stated that all three new retail compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations have the necessary government permits needed to operate. With the opening of these stations, the company’s network of retail CNG locations in central and east China has grown to six.

Sinoenergy noted that its standard retail CNG filling station has four filling outlets and is open 24/7. The company is targeting sales of 10,000 cubic meters (bcm) per day from each location. The designed maximum physical capacity of Sinoenergy’s standard CNG filling station is about 18,000bcm per day.

According to the company, there are fewer than 14 retail CNG filling stations in Wuhan and at least 20 to 30 retail locations are needed to meet current demand for CNG. Sinoenergy plans to open a number of CNG filling stations in Wuhan throughout 2008.

Bo Huang, CEO, said: We are very pleased to have these stations open and operating in Wuhan. Increased use of CNG in cars and buses is an important part of China’s energy future. We will continue to develop and operate a network of retail CNG filling stations throughout central and southeast China.