The underground tunnels will be built by The Hyundai Engineering and Construction, Nishimatsu Construction and KTC Civil Engineering and Construction Joint Venture, Obayashi, Samsung C and T, and SK Engineering and Construction.

Two cross-island cable tunnels measuring a total of 35km will be constructed 60m underground to provide a long-term solution to the power cable grid infrastructure renewal in the country.

Starting from end of this year until 2018, the five companies will construct the North-South and East-West tunnels to house extra-high voltage electricity transmission cables.

Singapore Power Group chief executive officer Wong Kim Yin highlighted the reliability of power supply in the country.

"The deep cable tunnels will form the backbone of Singapore’s power supply, serving future generations effectively, securely and with minimum inconvenience," Yin added.

"It will translate to improved standards of living and performance for our residential, industrial and commercial consumers."