Canada-based L-3 Mapps has signed a contract with Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Electricidad y Energías Limpias (National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energy – Ineel) to modernise the full scope control room simulator at the two-unit Laguna Verde NPP for the state-owned Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

The Laguna Verde plant comprises two 810MWe boiling water reactors that produce about 4.5% of Mexico's electrical energy. Unit 1, which began operation in 1989, is licensed until 2029, and unit 2, which came online in 1994, is licensed to operate until 2034.

The project will be carried out in several phases with the first scheduled for completion in the second half of 2017, L-3 Mapps said. During the first phase, Ineel will develop a classroom simulator using L-3 Mapps’s Orchid simulation environment equipped with interactive virtual panels and emergency diesel generator panels