The pilot has been designed to test and validate the scalability and functionality of smart charging technology integrated with the smart grid to help utility integration of EVs across North America.

Widespread EV adoption creates load on the electricity grid. Through this pilot, PG&E, EPRI, Silver Spring Networks and ClipperCreek will work on meeting this demand without increasing peak power loads or introducing grid reliability issues, the company said.

As part of this pilot, set to begin in autumn of 2010, Silver Spring-enabled ClipperCreek charging stations will be integrated with PG&E’s smart grid network platform, which will enable the charging stations to communicate metered electricity usage data to the utility, thereby helping the utility to monitor and meter the charging station, separate from a house’s electricity load.

This will also help the consumers understand the impact of their charging options on cost and grid reliability.

Dave Packard, president of ClipperCreek, said: “To make EVs a reality for consumers, the utility, EV charging technology, and the smart grid network must work together seamlessly. This program is vital to cementing that relationship and creating the best experience for consumers.”