Combined with the wafer level chip scale package SRAM FPGA, the iCE65 turbo product now offers a complete, unbeatable solution of high speed devices with the low power levels, housed within the small PCB foot print.

“Consumer handheld designers are constantly creating differentiated products within the confines of extremely small foot prints, increasing system speeds, all at low battery power levels. SiliconBlue addresses these challenges with the new iCE65 turbo product that delivers high-performance, compact, ultra-power efficient programmable logic designs that enable fast deployment of next generation smart phones, ebooks, netbooks and mobile internet devices” says Kapil Shankar, chief executive officer of SiliconBlue.

Price, Availability, Support:

Customers can immediately begin designing with these new product/package combinations using the iCEcube VHDL/Verilog-based development software. Unit cost for iCE65L04-T in CS63 package is $1.95, and $3.90 for the iCE65L08 in CC72, both in 1M unit quantities (2010). CS63 is now available in high volume and CC72 available in sample quantities. All devices are available now in both sample and production quantities.

SiliconBlue is a US-based supplier of ultra-low power, single-chip, SRAM FPGAs.