Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (Silicon Integrated Systems), a Taiwan based manufacture of integrated circuits (ICs), has introduced a new high integrated system-on-chip (SoC) chipset, SiS329, for Pan European HDTV market., the Proactive Standby-Power Saving scheme is built-in to drill the SiS329-based system to consume only 100 mW to 150 mW in standby mode. SiS329 HDTV processor adopts 0.11um silicon process with small size 27x27mm TEBGA Green Packaging Technology.

The SiS329 HDTV processor is a DVB-T compliant HDTV processor supporting various levels of sophisticated middle-ware including CI stack, Sunrise DVB-T, and Voyager MHEG-5 , which license from Ocean Blue Software for Pan-European HDTV system application. In support of the DVB compliant CAM/CI, SiS329 HDTV processor specifically provides the Common Interface controller with 3V/5V CI bus and 3V/5V dual transport stream buses. This architecture provides a direct connection between the demodulator and the external CAM module to eliminate the extra multiplexer & the level shifters components that contributes to cost reduction for an HDTV system with CI extension.

The SiS329 HDTV processor integrates the 3D Comb filter based PAL/SECAM decoder with the fast-blanking Mixer, the Multi-standard ATV sound decoder, the Transport Stream DeMux & High Definition MPEGII decoder, the Embedded audio processor with 24 bit Audio codec, the 170MHz Triple ADC, the HDMI 1.3 compliance receiver with CEC capability, and the 6th generation Digital Native Video Engine (DNVE) that ensures extraordinarily picturesque display quality. Moreover, two USB 2.0 ports with associated host controller and H/W accelerated JPEG decoding are integrated for photo-viewing function from USB storage devices.

The extremely low standby power characteristics, far below the 1 W power ceiling as defined in the Energy Star 3.0, offers huge headroom for the system designers to easily budget the remaining standby power to meet the system power saving requirement. Besides, SiS329 supports the Spread Spectrum mechanism on the dual-link LVDS bus and dual-channel DDR2 bus respectively in order to accelerate the board-level EMI-compliance convergence.

The SiS329 HTDV processor with the high SoC integration solution in various levels of middle-ware supporting has been widely adopted by the major branded TV system vendors for their next generation Pan-European HDTV platforms.

SiS329 HDTV is sampling and expecting to be available on the market in the second quarter of 2009.